Rubber Flooring Kneader

Rubber Flooring Kneader

It is used for mixing rubber to make rubber flooring. We have many models to meet different requirements.We have 3L,5L,20L,35L,55L,75L,110L,150L,200L and more. We can produce machines according to rquirements of customers.

Product Details

The top ram uses penumatic or hydraulic to control.

There is a heating and cooling channel inside the pressing device. The rotor and mixing chamber also have heating and cooling channel.

The rotor is a two-wing tangential rotor, the working edge portion is welded with hard alloy. The working part of rotor is plated with chrome.

The inner working surface of chamber is plated with chrome. And there is a thermocouple at the bottom of chanmber,participate in the rubber mixing.

The rotor end sealing adopts external pressure type, has a good sealing effect.

The two rotors rotate in opposite directions by the motor, the belt transmission mechanism, the reducer and the speed ratio gear.

The base is welded by steel plate, then heat treated and processed, with high strength and good stability.

The electrical control of this machine adopts PLC control. The control of programmable controller can make maintenance and operation safer and simpler. 

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