Turn On And Use The Rubber Cutting Machine Should Pay Attention To

- Nov 30, 2018-

Before starting the rubber cutting machine to check whether the hydraulic system is working properly, hydraulic oil without leakage, oil volume is sufficient. Cutting knife has no wear, drop knife, blade without flip edge or notch, cutting knife limit switch is normal.

Whether the soft lead in the groove is replaced, the clutter on board is cleaned up, there is no abnormal vibration, the detection of the perimeter of the drop knife groove and the equipment is free of debris.

Precautions for safe operation:

(1) Turn the main power supply on and turn on the oil pump;

(2) Normal dispensing operation after normal inspection of equipment;

(3) The upper and lower speed of the cutter has been adjusted, the operator must not adjust at will to prevent the occurrence of safety incidents;

(4) in the process of cutting off the need to adjust the product should be in accordance with the stop press twist can be manually adjusted to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.

(5) After the end of the work, press the uplink switch to the limit place automatically stop after pressing stop press twist reset.

(6) Press the oil pump to stop pressing the torsion pump to stop working.

(7) Turn off the main power supply.

(8) The equipment around and drop knife groove clean up in time.