The Future Development Direction Of The Opener

- Nov 30, 2018-

Opener Full name Open rubber machine, is one of the basic equipment in the rubber industry, is also one of the three major rubber refining equipment, it is the rubber industry to use the earliest, relatively simple structure of the most basic plastic machinery. As early as 1820, the emergence of a human-driven single-roller groove rubber refining machine. Two-roller cylinder rubber machine in 1826 in the application of plastic processing production, has been more than more than 180 years of history. The design and manufacture of large-scale opener in China began in 1955. The design and manufacturing level of the opener has been greatly improved in the past 50 years. In recent years, domestic new structure opener has been emerging. It has effectively promoted the development of the opener.

So far, the domestic opener has become a series, and completed part of the specifications of the training design work, and has been exported abroad. With the continuous development of the rubber industry, the opener is gradually perfected and constantly updated. In the automatic flow mixing work line, due to the application and development of extrusion press, mixer and continuous mixer, the use range of the opener has been significantly reduced, but in medium and small factories, especially in the production of recycled glue and small batches of special glue and rubber, the application is still relatively common. Foreign people believe that the mixer is not a substitute for the opener, the mixer is only to create a near completion of the glue, and later processing, it is best to use the opener to continue to complete. Foreign opener series have not changed much, the structure has become stereotyped, but in the parts of the continuous innovation.

Its development trend is to improve the level of mechanized automation, improve working conditions, improve production efficiency, reduce the floor area of the machine, improve the accessory device and extend the service life, and so on .

Future development Direction:

① control to automate operations and improve working conditions

② Distance adjustment aspect

③ bearing aspects

④ Safety Device (omni-directional braking)

⑤ transmission, the use of double out shaft

⑥ The material and casting method of roller cylinder.