Safety Operating Procedures For Extruders

- Nov 30, 2018-

1.The nose fuselage must be preheated to a specified temperature before filtration. 

2.The motor load must not exceed the specified value (160 amperes). 

3.When normal filtration, the filter rubber temperature must not exceed 140 ℃, especially the maximum chlorine gel must not exceed 105 ℃. 

4.The charred mixture shall not be filtered, and the filtered mixing adhesive shall not have a coke-burning particle. 

5.Cold glue should not be filtered, if you need to filter cold glue, you must press soft before you can filter. 

6.Do not add metal and other debris to the filter machine.

7.It is strictly forbidden to plug glue into the feeder by hand, or to take glue out by hand when running.