Process Flow Of Rubber Crusher

- Nov 30, 2018-

(1) Mixing glue

Items with cigarette glue for soft solids, specifications for the 50kg/block, in order to facilitate and water mixing, in front of the mixture, first with a broken glue machine to cut the soft block glue into fine particles, and then in proportion to the water mixed after the use.

(2) Hair Project according to specifications to buy the finished product of the rubber belt base belt, do not produce, do not cut.

In order to facilitate the coating, the project first to the baseband needs to be coated with the adhesive part of the hair treatment, and then the front of the set of good cigarette glue evenly covered on it.

(3) pressing plate, rolling pressure The project manually will be the partition, skirt as for the adhesive after the base belt, and then send a milling machine for a milling, milling when the use of slow pressure, non-instantaneous stamping, not only to avoid the instantaneous force easy to cause the base belt and partition (skirt) Dislocation of the shortcomings, but also less production noise. 

Two milling after one milling and two milling ensure stable bonding of the base band and the diaphragm (skirt edge).