Introduction To The Performance Of Vulcanizing Machine

- Nov 30, 2018-

1, PLC, HMI control, can achieve manual and automatic control.

Automatic control can achieve mold, exhaust, temperature control, vulcanization timing, Alarm, open-mode unloading and other functions, touch screen real-time display of hot plate heating zone temperature.

2, hydraulic cylinder using zg270-500 materials, plunger using a dense texture of cold and hard alloy cast iron, after casting fine grinding; the sealing form of hydraulic cylinder is YX type sealing ring.

3, Hot plate pot edge using hydraulic automatic top iron, under the action of four cylinders on both sides of the hot plate of the horn at the same time advance and retreat, the hot plate at both ends of the anti-cushion iron overlay device.

4. Each heating area of the hot plate is provided with a set of valve sets to adjust the temperature, under the control of PLC, to ensure that the temperature of each heating zone of the hot plate is uniform and consistent.

5, hydraulic system: The use of well-known brands at home and abroad hydraulic stations, under the control of PLC, can achieve automatic: mold, exhaust, open mold unloading.

6, Mechanical synchronous balancing mechanism: at the bottom of the platform there is a synchronous shaft running through the unit, the two ends of the shaft with gear rack, to ensure the level of the platform rise and fall.

7, mold Guide device: On both sides of the underlay table with a mold guide device, frame plate and Platform Installation Guide seat, Guide seat processing bevel, can be adjusted through the top wire bevel distance.

8, open mold booster mechanism: Open mold set in the platform under the four cylinder action, the platform forced pull down, to prevent the sticky pot open mold phenomenon.

The following issues should be noted during the maintenance of the vulcanizing machine:

1, vulcanizing machine storage environment should be kept dry, well ventilated, to avoid moisture caused by electrical wiring;

2, do not use vulcanizing machine outdoors on rainy days, to prevent electronic control boxes and heating plate into the water;

3, if the working environment is humid, multi-water, in the disassembly and handling of the vulcanizing machine, should be on the ground with the height of items, do not let the vulcanizer with water direct contact; 

4, if in the use of the process, due to improper operation caused by the heating plate into the water, should first contact the manufacturer for maintenance. If you need to carry out emergency repair, you can open the heating plate cover plate, first pour out the water, and then set the electronic control box to manual operation, heating to 100 ℃, keep the constant temperature for half an hour, the line drying, in the manual state of belt bonding.

At the same time should contact the manufacturer in time to carry out the overall replacement of the line;

5, the Vulcanizer in a long period of time does not need to use the case, should be heated every half a month (temperature set at 100 ℃), keep the temperature for about half an hour;

6, after the end of each use, the water pressure plate should be released clean, especially in winter, if the water can not be put clean, often lead to premature aging of the hydraulic plate rubber, water pressure plate service life is reduced; The correct way to release water is, after the vulcanization insulation is over, the vulcanizer is not removed before it is carried out.

If the water is released after the machine is removed, it may result in a complete discharge of the water in the hydraulic plate.