How Do I Choose A Cutting Machine?

- Nov 30, 2018-

First, according to their transmission mode, structure and use

1, according to the transmission form points:

A, mechanical transmission cutting machine: is a relatively old type of machine.

B, hydraulic transmission cutting machine: is a modern more general cutting machine, according to the age can be carefully divided into the first generation of planar rail type hydraulic cutting machine, the second generation of ordinary four-column hydraulic cutting machine, the third generation of precision four-column hydraulic cutting machine and gantry mobile hydraulic cutting machine.

C, automatic rolling cutting machine: The use of sandwiches method for processing the whole leather or textiles and so on. D, computer-controlled water beam cutting machine: is a modern more advanced cutting machine, do not need to use knife mold, according to the input program for the determination.

The punching source is a high pressure water beam generator.

E, computer control ultrasonic Cutting machine: The control form is similar to the water beam cutting machine, punching source for ultrasonic generator. 2.

By structural means:

A, Rocker type cutting machine: Punching parts for the rocker arm can be swung, suitable for leather, natural materials and artificial leather and other non-metallic materials punching. B, Gantry moving cutting machine: Punching parts for the punching head can be moved along the beam and left, the knife mold can be fixed on the punching head, can also be placed on the processed object.

Large, computer-controlled gantry cutting machine on the punch is installed can be rotated knife mold frame, according to the program layout, select the corresponding tool; Of course, the corresponding need to be equipped with automatic feeding mechanism. C, flat type cutting machine: it and gantry cutting machine is the difference between the beam directly punching, there is no can move the punching head.

Flat cutting machine is divided into: beam fixed or beam can be moved back and forth and Workbench skateboard can be moved back and forth two categories.

D, four-column precision cutting machine: double cylinder, four-column automatic balance connecting rod structure.

3, according to the use of processing parts:

A, special cutting machine: Suitable for bubble cover processing of the blister cutting machine.

B, horizontal cutting machine: suitable for processing tire materials. ii

Mechanical Transmission Cutting machine General mechanical transmission of the cutting machine speed is fast, stable operation (after adjustment, the lower limit of the stroke will not change), the punching force is larger; its biggest drawback is the noise is greater.

Therefore, since the 60 's gradually for the hydraulic transmission of the cutting machine replaced.

Third, hydraulic transmission cutting machine The main basis for judging the function of hydraulic cutting machine is: the size of punching force and the speed of punching and cutting. The punching shear is very large, but the punching speed is very low, or the punching speed is very high, but the machine shear very small, can not successfully complete the punching task. For the mechanical transmission of the cutting machine general punching speed is higher, about 250 times/min, its punching speed is variable value, the average punching speed is: 200 mm/S.

The punching speed of the hydraulic cutting machine is generally: greater than 75 mm/s.

Mechanical transmission of the cutting machine and hydraulic transmission of the cutting machine different points, mainly determined by the different characteristics of two kinds of transmission: mechanical transmission is rigid transmission, and hydraulic transmission does have a certain degree of flexibility. Hydraulic cutting machine is characterized by: when the punching head through the knife mold acting on the instantaneous processing, the pressure in the cylinder does not reach the rated pressure, the pressure will increase with the contact (cut into the work) time increases, until the electromagnetic commutator valve received the signal, the commutator valve commutative, the punching head began to reset

When the pressure in the cylinder is limited by the pressure oil time entering the cylinder, it may not reach the set rated pressure value, that is, the system pressure does not reach the design value, the punching is completed.

Iv. Application Status of cutting machine 1.

Mechanical transmission of the cutting machine, although there are manufacturers continue to produce, some small, individual manufacturers are still in use, but this form of cutting machine is bound to be eliminated. 2. Hydraulic transmission of the cutting machine, is still in the mainstream position. In the hydraulic cutting machine, a large number of used is the tonnage of 8-20 tons of rocker-arm cutting machine.

Plate type and gantry cutting machine are mostly used for comparison of large manufacturers, more suitable for leather, artificial non-metallic materials punching. 3. Automatic cutting machine has begun to be used in China, due to the improvement of the modernization of the manufacturing industry, in the near future there may be a certain market.

But in the near term, it will not be possible to replace the hydraulic cutting machine.