Calendering Machine's Technical Background

- Nov 30, 2018-

Domestic bonded ferrite magnet manufacturers are using the bearing structure of the calendering machine, bearing materials are generally copper or nylon, using butter lubrication. The bearing is easy to wear, resulting in a radial beat during roll rotation, it is difficult to ensure product size tolerances.

Therefore, calendering machine must choose high precision double-row centripetal roller bearings, and the use of dilute oil lubrication, reduce bearing wear, to ensure that the magnetic plate along the length of the direction of thickness tolerance. Because of the poor fluidity of particulate material, especially the influence of intermolecular force and roll deflection deformation along the width direction, the thin phenomenon of middle thickness on both sides of the rolling magnetic plate often appears along the width direction. The size variance will cause the coil to be tight in the middle and loose on both sides. To solve the problem of thickness aberration, the complex structure of inverted "L" type four-roll calendering machine can be used. The calendering machine has the functions of axle crossover and axial pre-bending. However, the calendering machine structure is complex, expensive, large, inconvenient maintenance, plant cost and equipment operating costs are also higher.

Therefore, we have designed a two-roll open calendering machine with superior performance.