Structure composition of the tablet machine

- Nov 30, 2018-

A machine in which particles or powdery materials are placed in a mold hole and pressed by a punch is called a tablet. The earliest press machine is composed of a pair of punching die, punching head up and down movement will be granular material suppression into pieces, this machine is called Tanchong Press, later developed into an electric basket type press machine. The working principle of these two kinds of presses is still a one-way press based on manual die, that is, the press is fixed and motionless, and only the punching motion is pressurized.

The way of this kind of tablet, because the upper and lower forces are not consistent, resulting in uneven density inside the tablet, easy to produce lobes and other problems. Aiming at the shortcoming of one-way press, a rotary multi-punch bidirectional press Machine is born. This kind of tablet machine is evenly pressurized at the same time, so that the air in the drug particles has ample time to escape the mold hole, improve the uniformity of the density of the tablet, reduce the phenomenon of lobes.

In addition, Rotary presses also have the advantages of small vibration of the machine, low noise, less energy consumption, high efficiency and accurate weight of the tablet. Rotary Press is a machine that presses a certain trajectory for a circular lifting movement of multiple punching dies, which are all coated on the turntable, and suppresses the granular material by pressing the wheel. And the punching rod rotates with the turntable line speed ≥60m/min Press machine called high-speed rotary press machine, this high-speed rotary press machine has forced feeding mechanism, the machine controlled by PLC, has the automatic adjustment pressure, control sheet weight, remove waste sheet, print data, display fault downtime and other functions,

In addition to the control of the weight difference within a certain range, the lack of angle, pine lobes and other quality problems can be automatically identified and can be eliminated. The chip shape pressed by the press, initially mostly flat shape, later developed into the upper and lower sides of the shallow circular arc and deep circular arc, which is for the needs of coating. With the development of special-shaped press, elliptical, triangular, oblong, square, diamond, ring shape and other tablets are produced.

In addition, with the continuous development of preparations, due to the requirements of compound preparations, scheduled release preparations, and made into double-layer, three-storey, cored and other special tablets, these need to be completed on special presses. With the development of market demand, the scope of application of the press is more and more extensive, no longer simply limited to the suppression of Chinese and western medicine tablets, but also a wide range of suppression of health food, veterinary tablets, chemical tablets: such as camphor balls sanitary ball, washing block, smurfs block, art powder, pesticide tablets, etc., Food tablets: Chicken essence, Banlangen block

Divine Song Tea block, compressed biscuits and so on.