How the Mixer Works

- Nov 30, 2018-

When the mixer works, the two rotors are relatively rotated, and in the future, the material clamped from the feeding port is squeezed and clipped by the rotor, and after passing through the roller seam, the lower top tied ribs are divided into two parts, respectively, along the gap between the front and rear chamber walls and the rotor and then back to the roller gap. During the week around the rotor flow, the material is cut and rubbed everywhere, so that the temperature of the adhesive rises sharply, the viscosity decreases, increases the wetting of the rubber on the surface of the mating agent, so that the rubber and the surface of the mating agent full contact. The binder mass is enclosed by the rotor and the rotor clearance, the rotor and the upper and lower top, and the gap between the inner wall of the dense refining, which is cut and broken, surrounded by tensile deformation rubber, and is stable in the crushing state. At the same time, the convex edges on the rotor allow the adhesive to move along the axial movement of the rotor, play a mixing and mixing effect, so that the mating agent in the adhesive mixing evenly. The mating agent is so repeatedly shear and crushing, the glue repeatedly produces deformation and recovery deformation, the rotor convex edge of the continuous stirring, so that the mating agent in the adhesive dispersion uniform, and achieve a certain degree of dispersion. Because the shear effect of the rubber is much larger than that of the opener, the high temperature of the rubber refining machine makes the rubber refining efficiency much higher than that of the opener.