A basic introduction to calendering Machine

- Nov 30, 2018-

Calendering machine is made up of two or more rollers, arranged in a certain form, at a certain temperature, the rubber or plastic press will be extended into a certain thickness and surface shape of the film, and fiber curtain canvas or wire curtain can be glued to the machinery.

Calendering machine According to the number of rollers can be divided into two rollers, three rollers, four rollers and five rollers calendering machine, etc., according to the arrangement of the roller can be divided into "L" type, "T" type, "F" type, "Z" type and "S" type and so on. The ordinary calendering machine is mainly composed of roller, rack, roller distance adjustment device, roller temperature adjusting device, transmission device, lubrication system and control system.

In addition to the main components and devices of ordinary calendering machine, the precision calendering machine is added to the device to ensure the precision of calendering.